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Thursday 12 April 2012


Today’s snack: Brie and the most amazing waterwheel australian crisp bread.

“Don’t give up.”

I was reading a wonderful book called “Every Drunken Cheerleader, Why Not Me?” by Kristine Waits. She stated what I have been told countless times┬áby everyone from my sweet mother in law to the cashier at the local market.

“Don’t give up.

Doesn’t anyone know how brutally obvious that is? Like I’m just gonna throw up my hands and say “I QUIT!”?

No ma’am. Not this southern girl.

I will not give up.

This month is my break from the medication I take. This month I get to enjoy myself and not worry about how much caffeine I’m drinking (or eating). I don’t have to worry about laying flat after intercourse. I don’t have to worry about stupid hot flahes or mood swings ( my poor husband!).

I am thankful for this month.

I hate this month.

I feel so helpless this month.

All my planning is “next month” this and “next month” that. Frankly, I’m sick of this.

I hate my body on days like this.

Why can’t you work right?!?!

I know it’s nothing personal, but don’t you ever feel like this? All you want is a baby, and the universe is doing everything it can to stop you.

If I were religious, I’d be praying constantly.

If I were indeed mad, like the silly title of this blog indicates, I’d probably have gone on a Tri-state shooting spree by now. (I’m joking)

For now, I guess I’ll just keep on waiting. Keep on loving my husband. Keep on enjoying uninterrupted sleep.

Thanks for reading