I am so lucky


Okay, I’m going to brag about my husband for a minute. So, he’s been sick for the last 4 days, and He’s now starting to get better. Not once did he complain. Nope, He kept his normal work schedule, took calls, fixed issues with customers, etc. He also keeps asking me today if I’m okay. He wants to know if I AM OKAY! Yes, I’m fine. But it just shows how incredibly selfless he is. The last time I was sick I reverted back to my kindergarten days when all I wanted was to lay in bed, color in my coloring books, and watch The Lion King.

My Hubby is my rock, my hero, my best friend, and my confidant. He knows all of my deepest, darkest secrets, and for some reason, this amazing man loves me. I mean, he really, really loves me. It’s flattering and astonishing at the same time. What’s so special about me? What do I have to offer? I know what it is. I love him for nothing more and nothing less than exactly who he is. I am so grateful that he loves me too.


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